On a Mission

About Us

David and Marietta Wachaja

Born and raised on different continents our paths divinely crossed and a fun platonic friendship began between the two of us. Eventually our friendship evolved into something more, so we tied the knot in 2012. Ever since we´ve been on this crazy journey through life together. We couldn´t be more different, but nonetheless we have a lot in common: God, adventure, traveling, spending time with loved ones, good food, music, road trips, enjoying nature, summer, celebrating life… and the list goes on! Above all, we have a big heart for people and spreading God’s love.

Kalimantan, Indonesia

Marietta likes to say she´s going back to her Southeast Asian roots and for David it´s not completely new territory either due to having travelled there before.
Our new home will be closer to the equator than ever before, since we´re heading to one of the 17,508 islands belonging to Indonesia – Borneo. To be more precise: Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo and home to several Dayak.

Our Project

David will work as a doctor and Marietta in the educational field among the Dayaks.
The local protestant church (GKE) and their „Good News Team“ contacted the Neukirchener Mission asking them to support the local pastors with skilled people in different departments for a more holistic work in the remote regions among the Dayaks. Since the need in the medical and educational field is great, we will join the team of local and foreign employees.
Our base will be the provincial capital city of Palangka Raya, from where we will regularly travel the adventurous roads and rivers to the Dayak villages located in the jungle.

Our Motivation

We may seem a little crazy to leave our secure jobs, comfortable home, loving family and friends behind to embark on an adventure that seems so vague and uncertain.
Sometimes we consider ourselves a little crazy as well, but basically, we trust God´s good guidance in our lives. We believe he has something different in store for us that requires stepping out of our comfort zones in order to shine our light in another part of this world. (Isaiah 60:1)


The Neukirchener Mission is our sending organization, supporting us in all organizational and bureaucratic matters.

For our work and living costs we are completely dependent on donations.

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On 1 May 2021 we finally embarked on our new adventure to Indonesia! Together with Trudy, who is part of our team, we took on the long trip into this next chapter of our lives.
After a government-ordered quarantine in Jakarta, we are off to our new home Palangka Raya in Kalimantan, where the rest of our team Thomas & Beatrice Brönnimann are already awaiting us.
First of all we will take time to settle in, get to know country and culture, continue our language learning studies and work on team building.